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Compliance Form DS-11
Validation Checks by

Eligibility Confirmation
Ensures that the applicant meets one of the eligibility criteria to use form DS-11, such as applying for the first time, being under age 16, or having a previous passport issued under certain conditions. This check is crucial to prevent ineligible applications from being processed.
Unsigned Form Check
Verifies that the applicant has completed form DS-11 but has not signed it prior to the authorization by an agent. This is important as premature signing may invalidate the form, requiring the applicant to complete a new form.
Photograph Attachment Verification
Confirms that a color photograph of the specified size (2x2 inches) is attached to the application. This check ensures compliance with the photograph requirements for a U.S. passport application.
Supporting Documents Attachment
Checks for the inclusion of required supporting documents such as proof of U.S. citizenship and proof of identity. This is essential as missing documents can lead to delays or rejection of the application.
Appointment Scheduling Confirmation
Ensures that the applicant has scheduled an appointment to apply in person at an authorized facility. This check is necessary because DS-11 forms must be submitted in person.
Personal Information Accuracy
Verifies the accuracy of personal information entered in the form, such as name, date of birth, gender marker, place of birth, and Social Security Number. Accurate information is vital for the issuance of a valid passport.
Parental Relationship and Consent for Minors
For applicants under age 16, this check confirms that proof of parental relationship and consent is provided. For those aged 16 and 17, it verifies parental awareness. These checks ensure adherence to the special requirements for minor applicants.
Fee Payment Verification
Confirms that the applicable passport fee has been paid according to the provided instructions. Correct fee payment is necessary for the processing of the passport application.
Application Submission Method
Ensures that the form is submitted according to the applicant's location and urgency of travel needs, whether inside or outside the U.S. This check is important for routing the application to the correct processing facility.
Passport Book and Card Differences Awareness
Verifies that the applicant is aware of the differences between the U.S. passport book and card, including the possibility of receiving them in separate mailings. This awareness is crucial for setting the correct expectations.
False Information Warning Acknowledgment
Checks that the applicant has read and understood the warnings about the consequences of providing false information. Acknowledgment of this is important to maintain the integrity of the application process.
Privacy Act Statement Understanding
Confirms that the applicant has read and understood the Privacy Act Statement. This understanding is necessary for informed consent to the use of personal data.
Paperwork Reduction Act Statement Comprehension
Ensures that the applicant is aware of the Paperwork Reduction Act Statement, which is part of the legal framework governing the application process.
Application Status Tracking Information
Provides the applicant with information on how to track the application status online, ensuring they are informed about the progress of their application.
Receipt of Passport and Documents
Informs the applicant of the process for receiving the new passport and original supporting documents, ensuring they know what to expect after application submission.

Common Mistakes in Completing Form DS-11

Applicants often mistakenly sign the DS-11 form before their appointment. The form should only be signed in the presence of an authorized agent to ensure the oath is taken correctly. To avoid this, read the instructions carefully and remember that the signature must be done at the time of the appointment, not beforehand.

A common error is attaching a photograph that does not meet the specified 2x2 inches requirement or is of poor quality. Ensure the photo is recent, in color, and adheres to the guidelines provided. Use a professional passport photo service to avoid issues with photo quality and size.

Applicants sometimes forget to include all required supporting documents, such as proof of U.S. citizenship or identity. Double-check the list of necessary documents and gather them before your appointment. Make sure they are originals or certified copies, as photocopies are not accepted.

Filling in personal details incorrectly, such as name, date of birth, or Social Security Number, can lead to processing delays. Review each item carefully, and ensure the information matches your supporting documents. Pay special attention to the date format MM/DD/YYYY.

Some applicants use form DS-11 when they are not eligible, such as those with a recently expired passport. Confirm your eligibility for using DS-11 by reviewing the criteria before starting the application process. If you do not meet the requirements, use the appropriate renewal form.

For applicants under 16, or those aged 16 and 17, failing to provide parental consent or awareness can result in application rejection. Ensure that all necessary consent forms are completed and accompany the application. Check the specific requirements for minors on the State Department's website.

Paying the wrong fee amount or using an unacceptable payment method can cause delays. Verify the current fees for the service you require and follow the instructions for payment. Remember that fees may vary based on the processing speed and the type of passport service you need.

Applicants sometimes do not understand the difference between a passport book and card. Decide which type is appropriate for your travel needs, as the passport card is limited to land and sea travel between the U.S. and certain locations. If in doubt, the passport book is the more versatile option.

Failing to track the application status can lead to uncertainty about the processing time. Use the provided website,, to monitor your application's progress. This can help manage your expectations and plan accordingly for your travel.

Knowingly providing false information on a passport application is a serious offense. Read the warnings carefully and ensure all information is accurate and truthful. False statements can lead to fines, imprisonment, or denial of passport privileges.
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Worried about filling PDFs wrong? Instafill securely fills ds11-2022 forms, ensuring each field is accurate.